Friday, July 21, 2006

If you live in Houston, you're probably aware that (a) there are a lot of places to eat, and (b) a good number of them are terrible. Seriously, they suck. Mark's, for instance. Mark's sucks. Oh, I mean, Mark's food is probably better than Subway's, but in bang-for-the-buck terms they're probably fairly close. And the service is better at Subway. Not that I actually eat at Subway. But you see where I'm going.

All that aside, there are lots of fantastic places to eat in Houston, and this blog is intended as a highly-biased resource for food snobs living in or -- somewhat less likely -- visiting Houston.

So welcome to the page. It's unlikely that you and I will always agree. Feel free to tell me -- that's the purpose of feedback. I'll also reserve the right to call your favorite restaurant a pig's trough. Adversity makes us stronger, etc.

I'm also always eager to learn about new places/new dishes. Houston is immense, and although it can (reasonably) seem as if there's nothing to eat but chain-restaurant silage in sterile strip malls, there's actually a dizzying variety of delicious food to be had, particularly in the low- to middle-range of restaurants. There is also a good bit of indigenous cuisine, which half-witted snobs on the other coasts would likely deny. Attention, half-witted snobs: this blog is for you. Read and learn.


At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Cafe Pita+. Decor is horrible (not a place you would bring a date) but the food is affordable and delicious (if it is your first time there, order cevaps)!


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